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Permanent employee, Full-time · Berlin HQ

About us
What we do?

Solvemate is a tech company from Berlin that is making customer support fast, painless, and cost-effective. Our platform lets companies train a chatbot to integrate on their site or in their app. End customers interact with it through a series of quick multiple choice questions. 

With Solvemate, requests are solved in just twenty seconds on average. Thanks to machine learning, the chatbot also gets smarter over time: By understanding common requests, it anticipates the correct response. Support requests are dealt with automatically, around the clock, and at scale—resulting in faster response times, happier customers, and much lower costs.

Why work with us?

First and foremost: The people. You are spending a lot of time with your peers.  You should deeply align with our culture deck and understand why it is important that we have made it that explicit. We are truly working in an atmosphere of transparency, candour and teamwork mixed with some curiosity - all committed to achieve our long-term big hairy audacious goal. 

In addition to working with great colleagues: You can shape the future of a product that makes both the service better for consumers and jobs better for service agents. Be part of our growth story. We’re onto something and would like to take you on the journey. 

For sure, we also offer competitive pay, flexible working hours, team lunches and team events, offsites, and all the other cool amenities of a young high-tech company. 

As a Sales Development Representative (SDR) at Solvemate, you are the beating heart of our sales team; SDRs are the first point of contact for our future customers.

Your work enables revenue generation for the entire company. Your quality outreach enables companies to provide 24/7 instant service, and solves a big pain point for end-consumers today: Endlessly waiting on the phone or via email for a reply.  

When does it make sense for me to become an SDR?

  • You want to make a career in sales and/or are interested in marketing

  • You don’t know what exact career you want but you want to enter the SaaS or startup world

  • You like sports, games, or challenges

  • You like to be creative and think out-of-the-box

  • You want to become an entrepreneur or Co-Founder, or: You want to become a coach/consultant as a freelancer later

Your qualifications
  • You are a cultural fit:

  • You are a clear communicator - You articulate your ideas concisely and clearly via phone and email; excellent English required

  • You must be organised - Planning your tasks and scheduling your days/weeks should be second nature to you

  • You can leave an impression on people - How you achieve that is up to you; there are several roads to Rome

  • And most importantly: The right mindset …


  • Grit - Sales has high highs and low lows; you might have a week where you don't see results, and you need to be able to push through that

  • Love learning - In addition to being open to feedback, you have a relentless drive to self-direct your learning

  • Empathy - You need to be an excellent listener and care deeply about the contacts you get in touch with

Your job
  • Research companies - Understand each prospect’s business profile to have constructive conversations with them

  • Outreach - Reach out to new contacts and book meetings via email, phone, or Linkedin, or even by sending letters or small gifts

  • Qualification calls - Ask key questions, find out if the company is a fit, and plan next steps

  • Follow-ups - Persistently follow-up with your contacts via email and phone

  • Handle the CRM (HubSpot) - Log all relevant data

  • Attend events and meet prospects in person

    How to apply:

    • Send us ( your Linkedin profile-link and a link to dropbox (or a similar tool) where you share a 1-3 minute video explaining why you want to join Solvemate / why Sales (it doesn’t need to be perfect; a video shot with a phone or webcam is enough). 

    • No cover letter. No CV. (If you don’t have LinkedIn, send us a CV.)

Hey potential solvemate,

we are looking forward to your application!

Just one last comment: Before you send your application, make sure to have read our culture deck.

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